Stuff I Consume Regularly

These are the resources (aka blogroll) that I read to get my creative juices flowing and keep up with the rapid change on the Social Web. If you have resources that you want me to review you can contact me.

  • @Issue: Journal of Business and Design – Dedicated to communicating how quality design contributes to business success.
  • Art of Nonconformity – The title says it all, Chris is an inspirational individual and his blog focuses on Life, Work, and Travel. If you are an entrepreneur or someone that travels a lot, this is a MUST read blog.
  • BNET Insights business blog – The blog provides working professionals with the tools, advice, and insight they need to succeed in today’s workplace.
  • Brand Strategy Insider – BSI is one of the most prolific blog (daily content!) for marketing professionals build strong brands.
  • ClickZ – News and expert advice for digital marketer, need I say more?
  • Conversation Agent – Valeria is a real conversation agent (ironically) an all-around brand strategist and her blog is a must read for all things marketing, PR, and communications.
  • Convince & Convert – Jay Baer is truly a hype-free social media strategy consultant that focuses on harnessing the awesome power of the social Web.
  • CopyBlogger – Brian’s blog is the foundation of great copywriting in order to be success with content marketing. It is the number 1 copywriting blog on the internet with all kinds of free tips and tricks on how to write compelling content to drive sales.
  • Junta 24 Content Marketing Blog – Joe Pulizzi is a leading author, speaker and strategist for content marketing. Joe, founder of content matching site Junta42, is co-author of Get Content Get Customers.
  • Logic + Emotion – David’s blends strategy with innovative design thinking, a realist and ex-cowboy hat lover. Checkout his Flickr to see his awesome graphics and diagrams.
  • microMarketing – Greg is a futurist marketer that looks at trends in media and marketing.
  • PR 2.0 – Brian Solis is the founder of Social Media Club and an OG in social media thinking and rethinking.
  • ProBlogger – The most popular community for professional bloggers, Darren is the nicest ass-kicking blogger you can find that just keeps giving.
  • Seth’s Blog – Ranked by Technorati as the #1 blog in the world written by a single individual, this dude can write some pretty kickass stuff.
  • Slide:ology – Nancy Duarte’s blog – Nancy is the ultimate visual thinker and one of the best in visual story development.
  • SEOmoz Blog – Superb resource for all things SEO, hands down the best SEO blog there is providing tremendous value.
  • TED Talks – If you haven’t watch any one of the TED talks, you’re missing out. TED is a nonprofit devoted to technology, entertainment and design.
  • Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang – Jeremiah’s blog is one of the few that I follow religiously. He delivers superior content that looks at how web tools enable companies to connect with customers. He keeps it real too!
  • Meizitang Botanical Slimming Soft Gel– it is specially designed to effectively absorb the oil from food, discharge of the body, stop the grease ingress, prevent the fat accumulation comprehensively, accelerate the excess fat decompounds and consumption, rapidly drive the trash and toxin away, get slim in short time by body purification and detex.

Products You Can Use To Grow Your Business

I help small business owners and entrepreneur learn how to build a successful business on the internet quickly and cost effectively even if they have no marketing experience, no website, or no product whatsoever.

The key is having a strategy and the right tools and resources to help you get there.

I’ve had a great experience working with the following paid (affiliate links) and free service providers and recommmend you use them to build your online business.

AWeber – One of the top email marketing provider that can help you manage your email marketing campaigns and customer email lists.
Get Response Email Marketing
GetResponse – Another email marketing provider that many bloggers and marketers use with free email templates and images.
WordPress – The most popular and easy to use BLOG platform in the world with lots of free beautiful templates. You need to host it on a server, see GoDaddy below.
GoDaddy – A low cost and fast way to get your website or blog up and running. Super competitive price with domain name and business email packages.
99Designs – Great resource for logos, graphics, banners, book covers and web design needs with 100% money back guaranteed.
outsource your tech and design
oDesk – Overwhelmed with the amount of work you’ve got? Offload tasks to Virtual Assistants on oDesk so you can focus on growing your business.
Elance – Get top web developers and programmers do all your technology related tasks.
Google Adwords – A great way to test your niche market and get traffic by displaying your ads on Google and its advertising network. Pay only if people click your ads.
Zipcast – A simple and fast web conferencing system that’s entirely browser-based. No downloads for anyone, no limit on meeting size and it’s free to start.
Jing – A simple and free screen capture software that allows you to narrate what you see on your computer monitor and record it to a video. Great for creating video tutorials and collaborations.
Skype – Speak to anyone in the world for free or face-to-face with video calls between Skype accounts and conduct simple live webinar with screen sharing.
3DCart – Great shopping cart software that integrates easily with many accounting, fulfillment and shipping applications. No need to take on the risk of owning and managing your own software and hardware. Sign up from this link and get 10% OFF.

Research Reports & Industry Studies

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