Love and Hate, Buying and Selling

by Eric Tsai


Sales is a process regardless of selling necessity or not, it requires communication and understanding on both sides of the fence.  It’s especially true if you want to build up your credibility so you’re not a one hit wonder.  Many infomercials fall into the one hit wonder category.  They are what they are:  a fast, effective and unique tactic for rapid volume sale – a infomercial.  I have to admit, I enjoy watching them for the simple tactic and amusement reasons especially the “but wait there’s more”!

They are successful because they make everything look simple, easy to understand with presenters that have a strong personality.  They do everything they can to communicate and create the perception of value with entertainment. Checkout this Inc. magazine interview on Ron Popeil, who sold over $1 billion in infomercial products to see what I mean.

It’s a bit different in real life with prospects and clients.  Obviously there are limitless sales strategies, techniques and tactics out there but fundamentally you must gain their trust by solving their problem.  In many cases what’s been identified as the problem may or may not be the real issue, but the client has to perceive you as an expert to change his or her perception.  They must believe that you are on their side and that you are capable of solving their problem.

Most of the time a consultative selling approach works well as the starting point.  Start by asking the right questions to uncover and discover the bottom line.  The goal is to invest the right amount of time and resources without wasting theirs.  Then do your homework and present your solution that addresses their unique situation.  You’ll earn more perceived value as you gain more trust through the sales cycle, similiar to the love and hate relationship: buying and selling has the same emotion just different direction.