Roadmap for the Remaining 2009

by Eric Tsai

twitter01I started using Twitter about 2 weeks ago after relaunching in the blog format.  To my surprise, I received some great feedbacks and questions on my Twitter content.

I got on twitter mainly to use it as my own repository for links I enjoy reading and sharing.  The content I tend to focus on are design, marketing, branding, technology, business and entrepreneurship.  Those were the evolution of my career and after been through them I wanted to use designdamage as the platform to share my knowledge and experiences.

With that said, here are the topics I intend to cover for the remaining of the year:



– design principals: information architect, usabilities, ux, ix
– types of design: product, solution, service, web, etc
– design resources
– art and design


– brand development
– messaging and positioning
– marketing tools: seo, social marketing, channel marketing
– b2c vs b2b


– startups and entrepreneurship
– management, execution, strategies
– business development, partnerships
– sales and marketing

The idea of the roadmap is to provide a path to the areas of my expertise.  I will be sharing via my experiences and provide resources for those interested in learning more. I encourage you to subscribe to my blog or Twitt follow me on Twitter thanks!