Why Information is Valuable

Everyone's Expert At Something

The internet has forever changed the way information moves. With all of the free advice, it seems like it should be easy to put it all together and make money.

But the truth is, it’s easy to come up with a good idea. It’s harder to turn that idea into a great reality.

Where do you start? How do you know what to do next?

Hey—if we always knew the right steps to take, no one would be asking questions, spending hours online in search of answers, or reading self-help books.

The key to getting results when you are planning anything, from starting a small project to building a new business, is to visualize the whole plan first and then zoom in on specific details.

Seeing your goals with complete clarity, especially in business, is the first step to putting your knowledge (whether its free or paid) to use.

Profitable Knowledge can help you turn your knowledge into something that people will find valuable.

The road to happiness lies in two simple principles: find what interests you and that you can do well, and put your whole soul into it – every bit of energy and ambition and natural ability you have.” – John D. Rockefeller, III

Everyone’s an Expert at Something. That means you are, too!

Most of us are good at what we do. But it’s harder for us to explain our expertise to others, to tell them how much value we bring to the table.

Do you know the difference between a $1 bill and a $100 bill?

No, it’s not $99—it’s the message!

The quality of your message makes a difference. That’s what gives your business a competitive advantage. Not slick marketing materials. Not a fancy website.

With infinite information at their fingertips, what people need is an expert’s help. Start by thinking about what people need most.

When you can see, feel, and think like the people you want to help, you will get a clearer picture of where you can add value. And that is the first step to success.

These days, it may be impossible to convince another person of anything. But you can give them the right information and let them convince themselves.

The more relevant your message is to someone seeking information, the more valuable it will be.

Most of us simply don’t realize that great marketing can help us help others.

So how do you make your expertise so valuable that people will pay you to share it?

You need to learn how to create marketing with your content, which is called “content marketing.”

Content is the new, online currency

As you read this, a personal publishing revolution is afoot. And it is going to change the way we experience the world.

It’s shaking up our values system, rearranging how we decide what things are worth. Our brains are constantly constructing the “story” of what we experience in ever moment. We make meaning out of everything we see, touch, and feel. We do it in every aspect of our lives. And most important for this conversation, we do it as consumers.

Don’t you find that you need information from trusted sources to feel safe, secure, and happy about your choices?

Don’t you want assurance that your doctor has a professional degree? Or your accountant? That’s why, when you visit a professional’s office, you see certifications and degrees proudly displayed on their walls.

It’s proof that the person is an expert.

And we look to experts for the solutions to our problems. As things change, one thing is certain: Our expertise drives our ability to create value and to make money.

If you are an expert at something, what do you need to convince people of your value, and to monetize your skills?

More knowledge!

If you know how to give people the information they need, you’ve got a very valuable commodity. In short—Content is Cash.

Self-help is now a multi-billion dollar industry, stretching from books to audio programs to video—all available over the Internet.

Yes, it’s a lucrative field with lots of profit potential. But it’s more than that. It is your opportunity to leverage your knowledge to help others, create value, and be successful in all of the ways that count.

You need to realize that you are actually a knowledge expert in your field. Even if you feel like you aren’t an expert yet, you can become one by positioning yourself in the right way.

It’s all about knowing what makes you different. Ah, but that’s the problem…what is it that gets someone noticed? Makes others read your blog, follow you, subscribe to your content, and buy your product?

It’s all about perspective.

First, you must learn the expert’s mindset. And that’s what the Profitable Knowledge course is all about. I can teach you to turn your knowledge into products and start building your lifestyle business.

That’s the subject of the first lesson, so stay tuned! Get ready to be an expert.

Oh, by the way…

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